Calligraphy free Workshop .

Always wanted to learn Arabic Calligraphy? Begin your journey with our free Webinar as we introduce you to all the letters and how they should be written with their correct proportions and scales. We start from the absolute basics of how to prepare your very own Bamboo / Reed pen & Ink as well as the most appropriate writing materials to use to become a Calligraphy Artist.

Art & Craft Workshop.

our art& Craft for kids is a big area of interest for children and parents alike these days! However, our workshop for kids is not just about teaching them a new skill or art. It also goes beyond keeping them engaged or simply having a blast! It is a lot about building confidence, motor skills, technical abilities, and imaginative and creative prowess alike.

Coding Workshop

Join one of our beginners coding Workshops and discover what it’s like to learn how to code. Explore the fundamentals and work on a hands-on coding activity to better understand what coding is all about, as well as the benefits it can offer you.

Python Workshop

Learn About Python Programming

Robotics Workshop

Robotics workshop uses Robots to teach the concepts of electronics and electricity to students.

Little Coder

it is a perfect online coding workshop for kids from age 5 to 9 to start learning how to code and taking their knowledge to another level

Beautiful Content

Interactive live Sessions

Free for Everyone

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